Team Partners

18 Falcons Senior/National swimmers go to Colorado Springs to train at the US Olympic Training Center.

The group arrived April 15th and will stay through April 19th. This is the 3rd year in a row Coach Cooper has taken a group out to the training Center. They will experience a great deal in the small amount of time they are there. They will be staying in the dorms right on the campus in Colorado Springs. We should all be proud of our athletes that are participating. The following swimmers made the trip:

David Kirtek
Rebecca Eckblad
Michael Spears
Aric Plamondon
Jonathan Hansen
Bailey Curtis
Natalie Gallamore
Addison Donahue
Emma Curtis
Alaina Skellett
Molly Roberts
Lindsey Sieloff
Natalie Seifert
Cooper Prue
Alex Levashkevich
Amanda Quitos
Hudson Hutchinson
Sarah Kirtek